Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Welcome to Legends of the Dark Gnat

What's a Dark Gnat? A gnat (those little annoying flies) in the...dark?

Sort of. It's a play on The Dark Knight, aka Batman. Not the cheesy '60's pastel spandex Batman, but the bad@$$ butt kicking guardian of Gotham. The guy that makes criminals scared to go out at night. That guy.

Anyway, I thought it would be funny to make a parody of Batman called the Dark Gnat, and...well...it's just easy to remember.

As for the future content: Well, I like a lot of different things from Astronomy to Arachnids...and of course Batman! I also like movies, music, and other random things. Sometimes I may just rant about subjects that annoy me. Other times, I'll talk about stuff that fascinates me: be it science, art, food, or something simple.

You'll see some pictures of backyard wildlife, as I live an a rural and woodsy area. I like to take pictures of interesting creatures I find, much to the dismay of my wife. She wants me to plug her blog now: She has a gluten free food blog (complete with recipes and photos) at
Ginger Lemon Girl
. Yeah, I have to eat that stuff. It's not that bad. In fact, she's a darn good cook!

Listen up! I'm really excited about "The Dark Knight", which is the sequel to 2005's "Batman Begins". "Batman Begins" (I call it BB for short) was a "reboot" to the Batman films, which took a very campy and cheesy route in the 90's. Sometimes, you can't undo the damage, so WB decides to start fresh. Good call. "The Dark Knight" will feature the late Heath Ledger as Batman's arch nemesis; Joker. There are some really good surprises, and twists. Word has gotten out, and tickets are selling like mad. We were fortunate enough to get IMAX tickets. By the way, this is the first feature film to be partially filmed in IMAX. Nice!

Make sure to visit the
Official Site (where you can get info and buy tickets...and see the trailers.)
Also checkout Batman-on-Film, a nice fan-site dedicated to all things Batman. Believe it or not, that site is one of the main reasons WB decided to start making serious Batman movies again. Just so you know. ;)

Thanks for looking in.


Carrie said...

way to go babe! nice site! this is dark gnat's wife. i can't wait to see this movie with you!

Thomas Dzomba said...

Hey Michael, welcome to blog world! No go and thank Carrie for all the traffic she is sending your way. :-)

Can't wait to see the wildlife pictures. I love to photgraph wildlife too, and hope to post more up on my blogs someday.

Looking forward to your future posts.


raverchikee said...

hi! love the page, wish i could go see the movie with you guys! (this is your sister-in-law btw!)

mare said...

nice looking blog there guy - the lemon blog is darn fine also ;-o

(also GF...)

Amy Hanek said...

Welcome to the blog-sphere. My son made us all watch the 3rd Spiderman on DVD last night. Good movie.

I look forward to taking him to The Dark Knight too. Thanks for the movie links!!

the veggie paparazzo said...

I get it--it's the Dark Knight with a very Southern accent. ;)